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In Yemen using traditional financial methods still dominant in every aspect of daily life be it buying goods, transferring funds and even in transactions done between companies.

In order to evolve the process and to attain financial inclusion for all sectors of population towards speeding up the process of digital transformation of financial transactions, Almutakamila was founded

The all in one Digital payments solution

With a state of the art leading technology solution, Almutakamila provides a highly efficient, secure and fast financial services for its customers. Moreover, the platform also support all of the major API integration technologies which simplifies connection with other financial institutions, ATM machines, eCommerce applications as well as Social Marketing and Social commerce.

Advanced Electronic Financial Services

Almutakamila offers a diverse spectrum of financial features and services to its customers, both individuals and enterprises. The rich set of services provided by Almutakamila enables its clients to carry out almost all of their day-to-day tasks using Almutakmaila services with utter ease and simplicity. In addition, there are many ways to perform financial transactions using Almutakamila, some of which are:

  • Paying bills

  • Paying for goods using mobile application either by QR code or by NFC

  • Money transfer from person to person or from business to business
  • Local and international remittances

  • Cash out via ATMs

  • Money transfer between bank accounts

  • Financial transactions to other mobile wallets

  • Salaries disbursement

  • Micro-savings

  • Auto payments

Our Services

Almutakamila offers a broad range of electronic service

Reach other users easily

A mobile wallet with all the features you can think about

Transfer money to anyone

Payment gateway for eCommerce

About Almutakmaila

Almutakamila Yemeni Company for Financial Service is a national founded in 2020. The main aim for Almutakamila is to simplify digital financial transactions in an easy and instant fashion for all sectors of Yemeni public. Consequently, making their lives easier and save them a lot of time and effort which will reflect positively on both the national economy and its growth

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