Terms & conditions

  1. The customer must abide by all the laws of the Republic of Yemen and AML/CFT law, as well as all regulations issued by the Central Bank regarding electronic financial services.
  2. The customer’s account will be linked to his mobile phone number, through which all electronic financial transactions are carried, and the customer must acknowledge that he is the real beneficiary of the phone number and service account, and he bears full responsibility in the event of violating this.
  3. The customer must keep PIN in safe and not disclose it to anyone, and he must change it from time to time. The customer alone bears full responsibility if a third party knows it or misuses it. And in the event of a risk or breach, the customer must inform Almutakamila customer service to take appropriate action.
  4. Almutakamila Company has the right to collect and deduct the fees for the transactions that the customer made from his electronic account every time he performs the various operations, according to the policy of fees and commissions, which is published by the service management, and that the registration into the service by the customer is considered an authorization from the customer to the company to do so.
  5. The customer acknowledges that the service management may determine general policies and restrictions on the use of wallet services without notifying him in advance, including, but not limited to: limits on the value and number of transactions during specific period of time, and limits on withdrawals and deposits.
  6. If the customer does not meet the full KYC requirements, then the customer is considered partially registered, and the customer account will be of limited use , and the customer has the right to upgrade his account and complete all KYC requirements.
  7. The customer must ensure the correctness of the data (the beneficiary's phone number and the amount), before executing and confirming any transaction, and he bear the legal responsibility for the consequences of any mistake he commits and the resulting material or moral effects.
  8. All transactions and activities that take place through the account using the mobile application or any other channels, will be treated as actions made by the customer himself. Therefore, the wallet services must be used for the transactions of the customer himself only and not on behalf of any other person.
  9. When the customer deals with agent, he must check the service tag of the agent and make sure that this agent is an agent of Almutakamila, and Almutakamila, does not bear any consequences arising from violating that.
  10. In the event that any amount was mistakenly credited to the customer’s account, and this was proven, the service management will automatically reverse the transaction and notifies the customer via an SMS message.
  11. If no credit or debit made on the customer's account for a period that is previously determined in the system, the account's status will automatically turn into a dormant, and he must contact the customer service or any branch to reactivate the account.
  12. If any dispute arises related to the wallet account or the transactions conducted using it, the account may be suspended temporarily to complete any investigations or settlements, and judicial orders and legal authorities will be complied with.